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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

2-2-05 | Happy New Year?!?!?!

[What]The f*ck? i cant believe i havent been here in months...dang! i used to be the faithful writer...should i give u a rundown of everything? i didnt think so (lol)

i cant tell everything but i can try...

lets jus say that, "the last temptation" wasnt the last temptation. i still visited "my friend" and we seemed to get real close toward christmas time. i guess we couldnt figure out how to handle being apart. had long discussions about the whole thing. eventually, christmas came around and it was time to say goodbye...supposed to be an easy seven-letter word, right? wrong. goodbye lasted forEVER! i felt kinda empty the first few days...then after a while i started gettin used to it. one thing that helped was a couple of visits to houston. i went once with my mom and we got to hang out. then, i spend a week with my friends in houston so i went to watch a movie with her again. all in all, things werent so bad.

>> fast forward to post-christmas break. >>

i decided to take my prerequisites at a junior college this semester to avoid confusion. i hope to have decided fully on what i want to do by the end of this semester; after which, i'll decide what school i want to transfer to. it might be the same one or i may jus go somewhere else to get a change in my life.

i had to move apartments and my sister is movin out as well. everything is goin on fine for now.

anyway, my friend and i r cool. i wanted her to come over and visit this week but i dont know if she really wants to. some stuff is goin on between us right now that i havent fully understood yet. i still like her alot but im really confused.

on the lighter side of things, i jus got some interesting news today that motivates me a little. i have pc and a bunch of new shirts waiting 4 me if i have a good 1st half semester. straight A's? its me we're talkin about. i make em count. ive been workin harder than usual these last few weeks so i kinda go all out on the weekends. but i think thats fair. only problem is, my friend is never there on the weekends. i jus talk to her. and half the time, we're arguin. 'sall good. gotta bounce. stuff to do. later.