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Sunday, October 03, 2004

10-3-04 | lazy sunday

today, i slept for a long time! i have a sleepin problem on sundays and saturdays :( i slept till exactly 10 am, when my sisters friend (still that SAME one!) came in, dressed for church. he came to wake me up at 10 am!!!! not quite sure y nobody woke me up on time...

anyway, i was ready by 10:30 - yes, we were really late, and the other person (my sister) who started gettin ready b4 me, finished after i did (as usual). we went to church, came back, and have been chillin ever since. im sorta watchin the Green Bay vs. New York game on FOX.

its gonna be short today cuz i dont think the truth is necessary. no, im not goin to talk about HER and yes, im ok.


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