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Thursday, October 21, 2004

10-21-04 | thursday again!

f*ck thursday! yeah i said it.

i have a chem quiz in about 15 mins...i jus had a psyc test...things rnt goin too well on the test level of things. i have 2 chem labs due one of them is late...too many things happenin within the same week. what makes thursday my special enemy is that i have a lab due, a quiz and a test on the same day! with an extra boring class to end it all. to that, i say f*ck thursday!

[calm down]

im jus goin to write this and head off to class. the last week has been interesting. this time last week, i was gettin worked up about a lab that was goin to be a bit complex. it was. i was quite elated after i got out tho. i m a little stressed now but its jus cuz i had a test.

u know what, i'll finish this after class...


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