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Thursday, October 14, 2004

10-14-04 | the day that knew hectic it would be but refused to aknowledge itself... eventful yet uneventful it would be but refused to accept itself...

today, has not been such an easy day and the way i see it, its not goin to be such an easy day, even though its 3:37 pm. i havent even had my last class yet. its at 4:10 pm.

today began with the most annoying chemistry lab. it lasted for quite a few hrs and i hadnt eaten all day - so i had to be verry patient. after i got out of class i met up with my friend (not "my friend") and we talked 4 a while but he had to go to class so we decided to hang out tomorrow.

i went to eat alone today. i havent had alone time in a while - or i havent made so much alone time for myself. i got to do some thinkin and, of course, some eating

after class ill probably study a bit - as much as i can cuz we have dance practice today...from 9:45 till usual, that shyt takes up my time. im jus goin to ignore all the "we need guys" speeches after this.

anyway, class in 20 mins. im out.

thanks 4 stoppin by


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