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Monday, October 11, 2004

10-11-04 | easy

...thats how things have been goin 4 a few days. the weekend was one of my better ones. most ppl feel they must do something for their weekend to be ok. in my case, i started off by playing a little basketball on friday evening to keep myself in shape and alive. saturday, i slept 4 quite a while. i woke up jus in time to watch the sooners (oklahoma) eat the longhorns (UT) in a very surprising 12-0 meal.

my friend had gone to houston on friday evening and she came back on saturday. she managed to call me while she was there...quite a few times actually - i was surprised. anyway, she said she wanted to come chill at my place and to watch a movie. so we did both. she ended up fallin asleep at my place. my sister and her (that same guy) friend came back really early in the mornin from houston (around 5 am) so we were awake for a while. we all fell asleep again till about 12pm. ppl started gettin up around that time.

i decided to drop my friend at home and do some studyin. studied for a while then took a break. durin that break i tried to talk to her but she was different...i suppose it was my fault tho. i was tryin to tell her somethin serious after she had jus finished "messin with me" shes usually interested in what i have to say...this time she said "look, its better to get it off ur chest if u want to, but personally i am not going to force u to do dat"...i was surprised. not that its her job to listen to me but...shes never like that.

after that, she ignored me the rest of the day and didnt reply a message i sent her...the message reads "i was tryin to talk to u today but u didnt seem to care about what i had to say...guess u were really occupied or somethin... thats cool tho, im not complainin. jus wanted to say hi. peace" as polite as it response. maybe i did somethin wrong. truth is, all i was gonna tell her was that we seem to be on different wavelengths every now and then - i was goin to elaborate on that. i felt so sad that i jus didnt say it anymore. i guess that throws the "tell me everything" policy out the window.

ill write later. its still a good mornin even if theres somethin wrong, right?

*song of the day: we don't care by kanye west*


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