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Thursday, September 30, 2004

9-30-04 | the next day...

forget all that storybook type jus livin.

today i got up really early to finish crammin for my psyc test (real bad strategy when u havent read more than the first chapter...) but i am the king so i managed to finish in good time. took a shower and rushed off to face my doom. it turned out to be a 50 question multiple choice test with not-so-difficult-but-some-tricky questions.

after that, i went to my chemistry lab where i took a 1 hr not-so-difficult quiz. next it was that ever-so-boring spanish class!!!

needless to say, my day was as boring as ever. right now, im hangin out with one of my friends tho...she wants me to wake her up in the next 5 was 15 when she said it, but, anyway, i have a surprise that'll wake her up alright! set both our alarms for 8:45! she insisted that i wake her

im about to bounce. i'll write later when something interesting happens in my life. peace!

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

9-29-04 | a new beginning

LOL! aint no new beginnings in here. its jus gonna be me as my usual self. im seun...jus decided to create a journal so i could reflect later on...

today is a typical day...woke up, went to class...hung out with a friend...went to class...and now, here i m. aint too much to say right now considering that the day is not ova so i'll holla lata.